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Girolamo Cardano, a great gamer and system administrator

Girolamo Cardano

Cardano Girolamo, physics researcher and player of the 16th century (1501-1576), was among juegos de casino gratis cleopatra the very first scholars to engage in the calculation of probanilities, a century prior to Pascal, with a text still considered golden today by passionate systems engineers. The Cardano technique is a well-known video game system still used in dice games.

Altavilla Enrico great Live roulette player

Mister Altavilla Enrico reporter and writer of gambling books, born in Naples in 1915, special correspondent for Corriera della Sera, his dazzling books on roulette techniques are unfortunately significantly unavailable. Altavilla Enrico became famous for this memorable phrase: the game can give two great delights, winning and losing. Whoever has a good time only when he wins is not a real player.

The Marquis D’Arago

The Marquis D’Arago, fantastic player of French Live roulette, in his book with the pretentious title How I have actually dominated these makers, echoes the lots of other authors who support the very same mass and consistently says that with this technique, often remarkable results have actually been obtained. We do not question what the Marquis says, however having examined the D’Arago approach, we absolutely do not feel like embracing it, much less suggesting it. Because mathematics is of little help in resolving this problem, one should rely on practice, the statistical study of phenomena or other principles.
Louis XIV the King with a passion for the game

Louis XIV played with Marshal d’Estrèes who, having lost a lot, desired to retire, but the King said to him: Do not you have any belongings? An emperor who incites a subject to deal with mess up, in order to continue the video game, is an excellent sign of the degree reached by an enthusiasm.